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Cloth, Plastic and Stoneware Tortilla Warmers
A tortilla warmer is great for keeping tortillas and other flat breads warm after heating on a griddle or in a microwave oven. Tortilla warmers can also be used for pita bread, bagels, crepes, waffles, pancakes and more. Most tortilla warmers are made out of one of three materials; cloth, plastic or stoneware. All three materials work well for keeping tortillas warm so it usually comes down to personal preference and use when choosing which type to use.
  • Cloth tortilla warmers are the lightest and the smallest of the three, which makes them the easiest to store in a drawer or other small space when not in use. Since they are smaller, though, they also hold less tortillas than the typical plastic or stoneware models.
  • Plastic tortilla warmers are durable, light weight and typically hold an average of 12 tortillas. Their break resistance, minimum weight and capacity features make them the preferred choice for family households as well as for commercial restaurant use.
  • Stoneware tortilla warmers come in a variety of colors and with a variety of design options which can make them quite unique and decorative. They also typically hold an average of 12 tortillas but, obviously, do not have the break resistance capabilities of the two previous materials.