wooden tortilla press cast iron tortilla press aluminum tortilla press
Wooden, Cast Iron and Aluminum Tortilla Presses
The tortilla press is a traditional and convenient piece of equipment for making home made corn and flour tortillas. There are tortilla presses for personal use, restaurant use (tortilla makers) and commercial use (tortilla machines). Traditional presses are manually operated while newer models are electric. Manually operated presses have kept their traditional designs and functions throughout the years. Most traditional presses are made out of one of three materials; wood, cast iron or aluminum. Each material type has its beneficial attributes, hence, choosing one over the other usually comes down to personal preference and use.
  • Wooden tortilla presses are usually hand-made, very simple in design, square in shape and heavy in weight. These attributes make them the heaviest to handle but the sturdiest to use.
  • Cast iron tortilla presses are typically round in shape, silver or black in color and medium in weight. This makes them lighter to handle while maintaining some sturdiness in use.
  • Aluminum tortilla presses are also typically round in shape and silver or black in color but they are the lightest in weight. This makes them the lightest to handle but not as sturdy to use as the two previous materials.