Tortillas on the International Space Station Tortillas are now a staple food in space
Tortillas are a Staple Food in Space
Tortillas are favored over bread by Astronauts for preparing quick, easy and messy-free meals on the International Space Station. Specially pre-packaged Flour Tortillas are used to prepare Taco, Burrito, Fajita and Wrap style meals, instead of Sandwiches. Tortillas are preferred over Bread mostly because Breads produce crumbs which end up floating in the Space Station’s weightless environment and can cause unnecessary inconveniences or even possible harm to personnel or equipment, like clogging up air vents.
According to NASA, Tortillas have been used as Food in Space since the 1980s. In 2000, NASA officially began conducting studies to develop extended-life Tortillas for long-duration space missions. Since there is no Food refrigeration on the International Space Station Tortillas are heat-treated, dehydrated and pre-packaged in an oxygen free environment to prevent mold formation. As a result, Space Tortillas are good for 18 months, that’s a whole Year-in-a-Half.
Tortillas on the International Space Station Video