Corn Tortillas

The corn tortilla is a staple ingredient of many popular Mexican food recipes and complement many other southwestern food favorites. Tacos, enchiladas, tostadas, chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, nachos and tortilla soups are just some of the tasty dishes whose main ingredient is the corn tortilla. The typical corn tortilla measures approximately 6 inches in diameter but they also come in the smaller 4 inch size for the street taco version. Corn tortillas have come a long way from their ancient origins in modern day Mexico and now also come in gourmet varieties with organic ingredients and in a multitude of flavors.
  • Traditional corn tortillas are made with white corn and are thin and soft to the touch but they are also now available in the yellow corn variety which are thicker and harder in texture. Both varieties complement different dishes in their own way. This makes choosing one over the other dependent on personal preference.
  • Flavored gourmet corn tortillas come in a variety of flavors and colors such as green jalapeño, red chili and blue corn. This makes them a fun and simple way to add some spice and color to every-day meals.
  • Corn tortillas are naturally low in carbs and low in fat but there are even healthier varieties made with organic ingredients that make them even more pleasing to health conscious consumers. They include gluten free and fat free versions as well as uncooked tortillas with no preservatives for those that want the homemade tortilla flavor and experience.